On this Sunday evening, I was just relaxing in my room after church thinking of how I would spend my week. The sermon on that day about sexual purity was just dope, and I couldn’t wait to start putting it to practice soonest possible.

I had erred on several occasions as pertains to the topic and therefore the session was just an eye-opening experience for me.

Sexual purity is not just about being able to withhold that urge to have sex till one is married. It involves mental and emotional purity as well.” This sentence kept ringing in my mind.  It made me think of the many ways I had failed to please God in the area of sexual purity. For sure I have never had sex with any woman whatsoever but my thoughts and emotions concerning this are among the few things I cannot dare scatter in public. They are just very immoral, for lack of a softer word to use.

Pornography, masturbation and premarital sex are among the things that are taking the current generation by storm. So many youths are falling into this, so many are being deceived, so many young girls are losing their futures, so many children are being born in questionable circumstances, so many children are being raised up by single parents yet some are being raised even by elderly grandparents. And as if this is not enough, so many youth and even elderly people are failing to please the Lord and are falling into this trap of immorality. We have given the evil one a loophole into our lives, we are allowing him to destroy our generations and separate us from our Savior. Families are breaking up and so many parents displeasing God because they haven’t understood what God wants-sexual purity. God himself created sex and scheduled it for a specific time in one’s life. Sex is meant for marriage!

One blogger once wrote on her blog,” I am addressing an issue of great importance. I believe that we have abandoned biblical standards of sexual behavior, to our great harm and detriment. Our Christian mind has been invaded by the moral degradation of the world around us that we have become indoctrinated with pop culture rather than indoctrinated with God’s truth.”

Just because every other person is doing sin that doesn’t justify you to engage in the same; just because everyone around you has tasted that which God designed for marriage even before its time, this doesn’t mean you too should try it out. It is not fun at all to sin. It displeases Him. Peer pressure should never drive you. Be different. Do not blend, stand out instead. God isn’t looking for a crowd, he just needs that one person who will love him and keep his commands. He wants you to keep yourself holy for his use.

The Bible in Romans 12:1-2 states it very clearly, “I appeal to you therefore brethren, by the mercies of God to present your bodies as a living sacrifice holy and acceptable to God. Do not copy the behavior and customs of this world but let God transform you into a new person by changing the way you think. Then you will learn to know God’s will for you which is good, pleasing and perfect.” (NLT)

Just the other day I met this young man who happened to share with me his sexual life history. He wasn’t actually seeking advice from me but was instead trying to make me see how man enough he was. Well, he confidently and shamelessly told me that he had had sex with nine ladies…and the list was still growing longer maybe. He actually could mention the names of each and even remember the dates as if this was something very prestigious that everyone should know. Since when has manhood been measured by how many ladies we sleep with? Is this not just a consequence of some of our back-wayward cultures and beliefs that we must disconnect from so as to please God? I know it clearly that real men don’t take ladies to bed, they instead take them to Christ.

Well, is sexual purity just for the chosen few? Is it for priests or pastors? Obviously, no. It is for us all since we are all God’s creation created to represent Him both in our thoughts, speech and actions.

Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy spirit within you which you have from God? You are not your own. You were bought for a price so glorify God in your body. (1 Corinthians 6:12-20). All other sins are committed outside the body but sexual sins are committed against the body itself which is the dwelling place of the Holy spirit of God. So, whenever we commit sexual sin we too drag the Holy spirit through that ordeal and this degrades Gods spirit within us.


Deterioration of moral standard in our societies has been speeded up by:

  1. Sexual revolutions have come to be accepted as normal whereby sex is not attached to any responsibilities whatsoever. These revolutions were too against biblical laws regarding sex. A Christian ought not to subscribe to these. Sex biblically binds too people permanently as husband and wife in the spiritual realm. That’s why the bible in 1 Corinthians 6:15 states that he who unites himself are one and the same thing. We should not be united with anyone before Gods appointed time.

I have been trying to imagine; if sex binds two people together permanently and here with me is one young man barely 19 years old who has already had sex with nine ladies or maybe a 17-year-old girl who has already engaged in the act with 5 men, how do these two look in the spiritual realm? Aren’t they shapeless? Or maybe they are just in a chain reaction. While they are physically single, they are already polygamous in the spiritual world!

  1. The media carries this message blatantly and subtly. Sexually arousing media are everywhere all the way from the news presenters on TV to the websites we visit. The movies we watch and the music we listen to all suggest sexual immorality. We have to avoid any sexually suggestive media by all means for it is out of the abundance of the heart that the mouth speaks. What we feed ourselves with is what expresses exteriorly. (Matthew 12:34). Isaiah 5:20 says, “woe to those who call evil good and good evil; who put darkness for light and light for darkness…”
  2. The death of shame. People in current world just don’t have any sense of shame at all. We have to be different. We are sons and daughters of the light and the light in us should shine to the whole world. To raise a child without shame is like to raise one with no immune system against evil.


What does the bible say concerning sex and sexual purity?

The seventh commandment states that thou shall not commit adultery. Any sex outside marriage is a sin. The Bible does not approve of this.

Sexual immorality in the bible refers to premarital sex(fornication), sex outside marriage(adultery) and all the other sexual misbehaviors as described in Leviticus 18 – sex with a relative, gaysm, lesbianism, homosexuality.

It also includes obscenity on movies and on TV and even foolish talks and silly jokes about sex. These should never be mentioned about the people of God-the chosen generation and royal priesthood of the Most High.

“Let there be no sexual immorality or impurity or greed among you. Such sins have no place among God’s people.”                                                                                  – Ephesians 5:3


Benefits of living sexually pure are:

As Christians and even every other person, we all believe in existence of a supreme being-God, be it the Hindus, Muslim or even all other religions. The supreme beings here will always have conditions which we must obey so as to be in line with them.

God loves us all and expects us to love Him back. But then we cannot love God when we do not obey His commands. Sexually purity stands as one of the areas we have to please God in.

Apart from pleasing God and fueling our relationship with Him, sexual purity will protect you from diseases, it will prevent you from being overcome by the guilt and shame that follows sexual sin. Gives you credibility both now and in future- we’ll all want to have daughters and sons who are morally upright and not that loose girl or gent. Keeping ourselves pure now will make our advice to them credible when that time comes.

Consequences of sexual immorality are:

  1. You can never imagine this: sexual immorality makes you lose the glory of God in you. Tamar after being raped by her brother lost her glory. She mourned and tore apart her precious clothes. She was no longer of worth.
  2. As if this is not enough, our fellowship with God is too obstructed. The freedom from guilt and our holiness before God usually present us with some confidence before Him. Whenever this purity is lost, guilt comes in and we find it hard to fellowship with God again. After Adam and Eve had sinned they were chased from God’s presence-the garden of Eden.
  3. It also brings us bad memories and regrets which may not go even after we have repented and have been forgiven by God. By this, premarital sex always has a bearing on problems that occur during marriage. Why destroy your future happy marriage that God has prepared for you by tasting a fruit that isn’t mature yet? Unripe mangoes are bitter, you too can testify this. Be patient.

What then for you who has fallen to this already?

Our God is a God who gives a second chance to all of us as long as we get back to him with a broken heart. He promises us in 1 John 1:9 that if we confess our sins before Him then He is faithful and will forgive us but if we say we have not sinned we make Him a liar and therefore the Holy Spirit is not in us. This means that if we feel the regret about what we might have done and seek His forgiveness then He hears and will forgive us. If we become arrogant then he has no business with us.

You can put God’s principles to effect in your life wherever you are just today wherever you are. You can start over again and live a sexually pure life if you want to:

  • If you are in that illicit relationship, don’t think twice, don’t seek advice, just break it today.
  • If your relationship is heading in that direction just end it today.
  • If you aren’t in a relationship and want to have one someday than set for yourself high standards of conducting yourself and write then down.
  • Keep off all those sexually arousing movies you have been watching and the music you have been listening to.
  • Stop that TV channel that doesn’t honour God.
  • Avoid all joking and coarse talks about sex.
  • Stop those sex-chats you have engaged in and in fact delete the messages plus the contacts altogether.
  • Keep off all bad company-in this case all people who do not subscribe to biblical principles and who do not have high standards as yours.
  • Make a covenant with God to start where you are and walk by His principles. Pray daily so that God gives you strength to do this. It is not impossible, it is in fact the doorway to freedom, joy and happy life.




©Kavulavu Brighton 2017



By the way is any of these prayers better than the other? I have always wondered over this too until I got the revelation just the other day. I love the way God answers my worries, questions and concerns even before I ask Him at times.

I love the way God answers my worries, questions and concerns even before I ask Him at times.

We usually have fasting and prayer for our church and the whole church at large on every Monday, and then a corporate prayer in the evening from 7pm to 8pm. Now on this Sunday I was very tired and was not sure if I would fast the next day.

I had been finding it difficult to attend corporate prayers in the morning and evenings. I actually preferred praying alone so that I could have time just between me and my God and pray concerning my life and get to know what His will for my life really is.  I always enjoyed this and found it so spiritually refreshing than ever!

That evening I visited my mentor and had some nice time with Him. Then just before I left for my room we prayed together. I was first to pray, I prayed. He then prayed. In his prayer, he was addressing and declaring to each day of the week one by one. To Monday he declared, “We declare that no bad news shall come out of the day and that Lord, you shall leas us in knowing you more.” To all the days he kept repeating the phrase and mentioning even the church events on each day. It was nice.

Well, I slept still unsure on whether to be part of the fasting on Monday or not. I too was undecided on whether I should attend the evening corporate or not. I was like confused.

This was a night of its own type. Of late I hadn’t been having dreams but on this night, I had one. In the dream, I was walking from my room going to church at night with my friend and passed by this road bent at which we met a ghost! Yes, I mean a ghost. I can’t remember clearly its image but it was more like the ones we see in the fiction movies. With the confidence I had in my faith, I commanded it out of my way alone and for sure it did. We continued with our way to church. Just at the church gate, there was another one. This one looked stronger but I still had confidence to command it. Of course, the other one had obeyed so I expected this one too to follow suit. I did as I had done to the other one but this one just stood there looking at me, in fact it started moving towards me. So, I decided to stretch out my and continue declaring to it but it seemed to overpower me. I told my friend to join me in it and it took us some time, now both of us. Anyway, at last we made it and it was out of our way. We entered the church and gave thanks. Indeed, it had been a long and trying walk of just 200 meters.

From this I learnt of how strong we are when we stand together in faith, when we combine our prayers. Together we can do more! This experience changed my view ant the next day I had a reason enough to join other church members in fasting and praying for the church.

This however does not mean we neglect personal prayers. It is good to have personal devotions and quiet times, just we and our God alone but it is important too to supplement with corporate prayers.




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Bible Bite: Faith to Move Mountains…

Of how great and important faith is to a christian, accompanied by the correct interpretation of scripture.

Watch Your Life and Doctrine Closely...

There are a bunch of passages in scripture that I used to ignore, mostly because I didn’t know what to do with them.  I’m guessing that you’re possibly like me; you know that certain passages are there but you’ve never really tackled them satisfactorily.  In a discussion I had with a noted prosperity preacher (who shall remain anonymous), one specific passage came up and I got thinking about how he twisted it.  He seemed to be making a fairly simple observation, but it was a text that I knew I had never sorted through and now I was forced to deal with it.

The text was Matthew 17:20.

What does a person do with Jesus teaching on faith in Matthew 17:20?

“…if you have faith like a grain of mustard seed, you will say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move, and nothing will be…

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Faith To Move Mountains.

For so long the Israelites stayed in the wilderness on their way from Egypt to the promised land of Canaan. This was barely a distance that could be covered in a very short time but it had to take them forty years. During that period, the generation of the people who left Egypt, the ones who always complained even when God was doing good to them all had to be wiped out so that the generation that entered the promised land was a very new one.
During all this time, God was there for them. He provided water in the wilderness in mysterious ways and provided for them food in a place where food could not be found. He in addition offered them protection from their enemies and even granted them victory in battles they could never have won on their own. He made a way for them where there seemed to be no way at all. They crossed the Red Sea on a dry ground!
As if this was not enough, the children of Israel still had not developed full reliance on God. Even after he promised them that whatever ground their feet stepped on they shall possess, they still had to doubt. They still found it necessary to send spies, twelve young and energetic men, one selected from each community to go and spy the land and bring feedback to them. They wanted to rate and see if what God was giving them was good. They lacked faith!
“…Every place that the sole of your feet shall tread upon, that I have given unto you, as I said unto Moses.” -Joshua 1:3
Even after God promised that the whole earth would be saved through a descendant of Abraham, they still did not believe in Jesus. Their expectations were just the exact opposite of what the will of God was. For instance, while God’s plan was to bring salvation from sin and freedom from the bondage of legality to the whole of the human race, they expected to get a mighty earthly ruler who would establish Israel as a super power kingdom here on earth.
Today God has put this in me, that faith is very key. I have experienced times that made me doubt his greatness. I have lost phones severally and now after losing the last one, about 4 months ago, I have been praying that God gives me another one. For sure I need one, I seriously need it. For all that long I have waited but He has remained mute. Is it that he doesn’t exist? Or is it that he doesn’t hear my prayers? Is it that he doesn’t have the ability and power to deliver a result to my prayer? Is he just a good for nothing God? For sure he isn’t useless. He isn’t powerless. He has ability and authority.
How many battles has God won for us? Has he not been there for us at all times? Has he ever at any point left us to make our way alone? It’s a bare fact that our living, in whatever conditions or circumstances we are living in is just by Him. It his Him that wakes up every morning. It is Him that ensures we are alive and healthy and even when we get unwell, it is still Him that heals us and restores our normalcy. Is this not enough for us to trust Him fully? Has he not done enough yet to earn our trust?
He has revealed to me how our human desires and expectations are not in line with His anytime we are not standing at our rightful positions with Him. We pray and ask God for things, both great and small, but we forget that He too has His requirements and desires that He wants us to fulfil. Do we ever get time to just ask God what his will for us is so that we may fulfill it?
Many at times we pray and fast asking God to stretch His healing hand over us or our loved ones. We do this with faith and full trust that he will grant the desires of our hearts, but what then what happens when he chooses to do otherwise? Do we lose trust in Him? Does this make Him a liar?
It is impossible to please God without faith and worse still, it is impossible to obtain anything from Him without having faith. The word says that when we pray and believe that we have received it, then we shall have it. God wants us never to doubt Him the way the Israelites doubted.
“…and a prayer of faith will save the sick man and the Lord will raise him up.” -James 5:15 (RSV)
Elijah was a man just like us but he prayed that it might not rain and for three and a half years it never rained. He prayed again and the heavens gave rain and the earth brought forth its fruit (James 5: 17-18-RSV). He had faith and was walking right with God. The bible says that the prayer of a righteous man avails much. The winds too obeyed Jesus because he was full of faith. (Matthew 8:27)
“He said to them, “Because of your little faith. For truly, I say to you, if you have faith like a grain of mustard seed, you will say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move, and nothing will be impossible for you.” -Matthew 17:20
God is so faithful to His word that when we seek Him we shall find Him, when we knock the door shall be opened to us and when we ask of Him then he will give unto us, but this is only possible if we develop total, I mean total reliance on Him. We should never at any point doubt His promises. We’ve got to have faith!
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Command that Mountain in Jesus’s Name!

For verily I say unto you, That whosoever shall say unto this mountain, Be thou removed, and be thou cast into the sea; and shall not doubt in his heart, but shall believe that those things which he says shall come to pass; he shall have whatsoever he says [ Mark 11:23 , Matthew 21:21 , Matthew 17:20 , Luke 17:6 ].
In the life of believers,mountains are guaranteed.He did not promise us a smooth ride;but He promised to be with us and to bring us out safely.The cornerstone of a believers walk of faith is the “the power of believing,the power of faith”

Learn to speak to your mountains. Two things there are;if u dont speak to your mountains, they will speak you.If you don’t tell them to move,they will command you to move.
Allow not your mountains to put yoi down and pluck you from your God that you love.Speak to your mountains. The key to your victory you got;Faith!it is right at your lips.Speake to your mountains. Be encouraged in the Lord.Mbarikiwe.



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Being a virgin is NOT enough!

“It’s 2:57 am and I can’t sleep. God has placed some things of great significance on my heart as it pertains to relationships and emotions and how these things affect Christian men and women. I am a 22-year-old Christian woman. I have never been in a relationship. My lips remain untouched. I am a virgin. Yet, I am not owner to that sense of wholeness and purity that should come with my chaste status.

During the past couple of weeks, I spent some time talking to God about that nagging feeling that stalked me; that feeling said, “Chadia, being a virgin isn’t enough.” For others, it would read that being celibate isn’t enough. I found out that there was great merit to this uncomfortable feeling and the disconcerting thought which it bred, and I will share with you why.

I’ve never been in a relationship, but I’m not exactly the type of woman who shies away from men. I shy away from relationships, but not men. My personality is one that revels in winning. As such, I became a master of the game. I enjoyed mind games and the sense of conquest that came with them, and the man who was the quintessential flirt was my perfect prey. I took pleasure in my ability to make a man fall, but remain detached. By the time I was 17, I had read so many books that explained the psychology of the man in contrast to the psychology of the woman that I had gleaned an understanding of men, well beyond my years. I understood things about them that they themselves were yet to become aware of. What I thought was fun, would taint something that I deemed very valuable: my purity.

In the Christian realm we often view purity as something having to do only with the physical; only as it pertains to sex. But I am fast learning that emotional integrity is a big part of purity. God started to reveal to me how we as young men and women give off pieces of ourselves to others who are not our spouses.

As a young woman, I shouldn’t be doing for another man what only my husband should experience. Too many men have experienced the care and affection that only my husband should experience, too many men have heard me say words that only my husband should hear, and too many men have received the affirmation that only my husband should receive. Too many men have seen and experienced the power behind the woman that I am; the power that only my husband should experience.

As a young man, too many women should not have experienced the care and affection that only your wife should experience, too many women should not have heard you say the words that only your wife should hear, and too many women should not have received the affirmation that only your wife should receive.

When you’re young, armed with knowledge but not enough wisdom, the attachment (the individual to you) that comes with giving away these pieces of yourself deceives you into believing that you are in a position of power. You believe that these other people are getting hurt, but you have it under control. Trust me when I say that you have told yourself a big lie.

To young women, I say to you that you are compromising your emotional wholeness, which is unfair to both you and your future husband. To young men, I say to you that you are compromising your emotional wholeness which is unfair both to you and your

future wife. We become nothing but robots of the game. The game was not created for us. We are Christians. It is not ours to play.

I asked myself if God were to allow me to meet my husband today, would I be in a place of emotional integrity that he is worthy of? How many men am I emotionally attached to? How many “friends” do I need to redefine my relationship with? Will I be able to love him as I should? Would I be as open as I could be? How unfair would it be to him, that another man has experienced what is his? This is why I say that we simply become robots of the game. All my game playing has left me in a place of emotional brokenness. I shouldn’t be afraid to become attached to someone if he is serious about me, and has created an atmosphere of trust and comfort, but I am. I shouldn’t be afraid to share certain things with someone if he has created an atmosphere of trust and comfort, but I am. It is important to guard one’s heart, but mine is in a maximum security prison.

Despite still having some unattached pieces from the puzzle of emotional wholeness and integrity, God has allowed me to put many of the pieces back together again. I don’t flirt anymore. It is a dangerous and unfair game. I watch how I give compliments. There is a compliment and then there is the deliberate stroking of the ego. I understand that it is not my job to make a man who is not my husband or intended husband feel like he is Superman. You affirm a man too much, he either becomes attached if he’s not averse to the idea of a relationship or runs if he is averse. Affirmation is a powerful thing to a man, and if you can make him feel like he’s Superman he also recognizes that you can become his kryptonite; meaning he recognizes that you are a force to be taken seriously.

I’ve learnt to set boundaries, and I’ve learnt to ask questions. I ask from the get go what a man’s intentions are where I’m concerned. If you are not serious about me, then we shouldn’t be having certain conversations, we shouldn’t be sharing certain jokes and information, and you probably shouldn’t be taking me out to nice, cozy dinners and giving me gifts.

I’ve also taken note of the things that I value. I understand that giving gifts is a big part of how I demonstrate love, so I don’t give gifts to all and sundry. It may be a normal way of life to the man, but to me it’s a big deal, and somewhat alters the way I feel about an individual.

I don’t know how to guide a young man along the path of emotional integrity, but I can say this: I believe that God has called the young men in the body to stand apart from the young men of the world. They stand apart by understanding that their rightful place is the place of leadership. They stand apart by understanding that theirs is a role of protection, and subsequently demonstrating this comprehension by guarding and protecting the emotions of the young women with whom they interact. They stand apart by operating in integrity when pursuing a woman in the Body.

Gentlemen, it makes absolutely no sense pursuing women when you know that settling down is afar off for you. It is not your job to flatter a young woman that you have no intention of taking seriously, and you should feel absolutely no guilt about it. It doesn’t matter how much you say that we are “just friends.” If your mouth is saying one thing but your actions are saying another, the woman will most likely go with what you are doing. Do not be alarmed that even after you’ve said a million times that we are just friends that a woman falls for you, if you’re treating her like only someone who is her man should.

My eyes have become heavy, and the clacking sound of the keys of my keyboard is no longer appealing. I have church in a few hours, but I would hope that this post would open the discourse on emotional integrity amongst young men and women of God, and even those who are in the world. After all, He came that we would all have life more abundantly. I’m off for now. And it is possible that you will hear more on this topic from me. Shalom!”

Originally written by Chadia Mathurin(Author of the book, “Being a Virgin is not Enough.”) for




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So many of us have been through tough times, actually all of us. It could have been a financial problem, a tough dilemma or even misunderstandings in relationships. These are the many times we look at life and see no meaning in it. It is at such times that we start seeing ourselves as worthless, stupid or silly.

Here lies the big question. Do these pessimistic statements and words have any impact on us or are they just words that are said and forgotten? If they do have impacts, do these impacts just last a short span or can continue impacting us for longer or even become a chronic and lead to a long-term feeling of worthlessness and depression? This article is prepared and tuned specifically to answer these questions and many others.

I remember it more than clearly. It was on this Sunday evening when Chris paid me an unexpected visit in my campus hostel. This was a tiny room shared by four people. He looked exhausted, confused and depressed at the same time. His hair was unkempt and judging from the expressions on his face, he was experiencing a very hard time.

“Good morning bro,” he greeted me while putting on a fake smile.

“Good morning my brother. It’s been a very long time without our meeting. You don’t look like you are ok. What’s up?”

While looking down, “come on it’s been only two weeks,” he replied.

“Two weeks is a very long time for two brothers who are so much attached to each other as we are attached to each other. Anyway, I guess you don’t mind letting me know the reason behind that long face.”

“Well, I don’t mind sharing with you bro.”

“Sure, go ahead,” I told him.

“I have grown up depending on my parent’s provision, support, and encouragement. I have been used to waking up every morning and meeting that broad smile on my mom’s face, and that sweet morning greeting that daddy always gave me. In their hands, I have always felt secure and loved…”

“Mmh, yeah.”

“…then three years ago while I was in my first year of study in this University, both of my parents got involved in a fatal road accident while they were on their way back home from Nairobi. They both died.” He began to shed tears.

“Since then I have had hard times. The encouragement I used to receive daily was all gone. The provision was gone too. I was left to struggle and make my way through a wilderness that I have never familiarized myself with. The positive energy and motivation that I had begun to die out. I began to feel useless and of no worth. The positivity in me was replaced with negativity,” he continued, “As a result of the negativity that took me over that time, I have managed to go through my studies with so much difficulty and struggle. That feeling of worthlessness has always been coming back to me and leaving me discouraged.”

“Anyway, what would make a worthless person work hard in academics? Of what benefits are they going to be in the first place? Are they not just good for nothing as the person himself or herself? In this life I find no sense, I see no reason for being alive in fact,”

Chris continued pouring himself out,” I won’t hide anything from you. This negativity has cost me a lot. I’m going to retake my fourth year of study. I failed the examination because I had no morale even to read and prepare for the exam. I always felt like I’m worthless and there is no need to me stressing myself up with these heavy medical books and finally amount to nothing.”

I had to interrupt,” You have been a believer, a strong Christian, born of the water, spirit and the blood. You have always stood strong to defend this faith. What then makes you not believe even in the scriptures that even unbelievers agree with? Has God Himself not said that as a man thinketh so is he?”

“Bro, you are not worthless. God has never and will never make a worthless being. He has never made mistakes in His work and neither is He even about to. He only allows such circumstances to occur to us so as to prepare us for the great mission He has for each of us. We are the clay, He is the potter; we are all the work of His hand (Isaiah 64:8) His will and plan are perfect. So, our part is just to remain focused on Him and to keep seeking Him in prayer. Above all, we have to remain positive and optimistic that He is preparing something greater for us.”


My words seemed to make him regain his sense of thinking. For once I saw a smile reappear on his face. We had a long talk, prepared dinner and ate together. On that same night, Chris regained morale to continue pursuing his lifetime dreams with a rejuvenated positive energy.


I met him early this year and he was very happy, with a family and enjoying the fruits of optimism and positivity in life. He is currently running a hospital of his own, and making good money! He never forgets to thank me for enlightening him when he was taken over by negativity.






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Give Generously

“But who am I, and who are my people, that we should be able to give as generously as this? Everything comes from you, and we have given you only what comes from your hand. We are foreigners and strangers in your sight, as were all our ancestors. Our days on earth are like a shadow, without hope. Lord our God, all this abundance that we have provided for building you a temple for your Holy Name comes from your hand, and all of it belongs to you.” (1 Chronicles 29:14–16, NIV)

We can take to heart the remarks King David made as he neared the end of his life. David summarizes exactly what our situation is, and the perspective we should have.

He acknowledges that God is the source of all wealth. Everything comes from God, and any giving we do is returning what has come from his hand. 

But remember the Lord your God, for it is he who gives you the ability to produce wealth, and so confirms his covenant, which he swore to your ancestors, as it is today.” (Deuteronomy 8:18, NIV) 

If we have monetary wealth, we must remember that God gave us the ability to produce it. There is nothing for us to be “proud” about.

In God’s sight we are strangers and foreigners in this world. David reminds us of this truth, telling us our citizenship is in heaven. Furthermore, he reminds us that our earthly life is like a shadow. Our time bubble can pop at any time, landing us in eternity, a totally different paradigm with values foreign to the world we now inhabit.

David reiterates the truth that everything comes from God and belongs to God. This is a difficult concept; many people believe that everything they have belongs to them, and they can do anything they want with it. 

Wise people conclude that King David’s words in today’s scripture passage are still true today. We come to the King with a willing mind, generously helping to build the body of Christ by extending others the opportunity to begin a personal relationship with him.

Today, ask yourself: 

In what ways does my view of giving parallel that of King David?

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Choose Today Whom You Shall Serve: God? Idols?

We live in a free world as many say, but that freedom should not in any case present us with an option of having other gods besides the Most High God- Yahweh.

I wonder even more when I see youth, to be precise, making their girlfriends or boyfriends priorities and forgetting about God. It sounds even worse when others make their passions more valuable to them than their creator. They dedicate all their time, faithfulness and commitment to human beings, or even inanimate objects! It pains the more when we human beings value our money and material possessions more than the God who created us. All these are vanity, they shall pass away as the bible says, “Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will never pass away.” (Matthew 24:35, NIV)

Have we forgotten that He is a jealous God? Have we forgotten His commandments that we should not have any other gods beside Him? Or does it simply make no sense to us?

“…You shall have no other gods before me. “You shall not make for yourself an image in the form of anything in heaven above or on the earth beneath or in the waters below.  You shall not bow down to them or worship them; for I, the Lord your God, am a jealous God…”

-Exodus 20: 3-5

Has God not declared a great punishment and curse over those who hate Him? Those who worship gods and idols which they’ve made with their own hands?

“… punishing the children for the sin of the parents to the third and fourth generation of those who hate me, but showing love to a thousand generations of those who love me and keep my commandments…”

-Exodus 20: 5-6

It is time for us to make a choice- whether to live for God and Him alone or to live for the gods we think are more powerful and important than our creator. It is high time we choose whether to go spiritual or to continue living in the carnality of this world; whether to go for His will or to live satisfying our imperfect human will- desires and envies; whether to value the eternal life He has offered to us through Faith in Jesus Christ or to continue living this temporary life and end up in hell; whether to live by commitment to him and serve Him wholeheartedly or serve him at our own convenience. We have to make this choice. But as for me, I will serve the Lord God with commitment.

 “…But if serving the Lord seems undesirable to you, then choose for yourselves this day whom you will serve, whether the gods your ancestors served beyond the Euphrates, or the gods of the Amorites, in whose land you are living. But as for me and my household, we will serve the Lord.”-Joshua 24:15


This Word Love…

In his many books and lectures the great educator, Leo Buscaglia showed us time and again how the love of just one person can change a life and change the world. I remember especially his story about the noted psychologist, Dr. Skeels.

In the early 20th century orphaned children were often warehoused in badly understaffed institutions where they received little if any attention or love. At one time Dr. Skeels took 12 of these orphaned children and let them be cared for, a few hours each day, by mentally retarded adolescent girls at a nearby institution. He also studied 12 other children who were left in the orphanage all day long. He followed these children until adulthood and the results he found were shocking. Of the 12 children left all day in the orphanage without love and attention all were either dead, in institutions for the mentally retarded or in institutions for the mentally ill. Of the 12 children cared for and loved by the mentally retarded teenage girls all were self-supporting, most had graduated high school, and all were happily married. The only difference in the lives of these children had been the love of one person.

God loves us all so much and His greatest wish is for us to love each other as well. Let us never forget then just how vital our love can be to another. Patrick McCauley wrote “ Some of us will reach millions, most of us will reach a few, and some will reach only one person. However, given the infinite significance of each person, there is no difference in the end.”

Give your love, your kindness, and your heart to others today. You never know whom you might touch, whom you might help, and whose life you may save. As Thomas Merton said: “How can anyone tell how much he owes to the goodness of those who love him?” You may be just one person and you may touch just one person but that alone can change the world.