I first heard of this sex doll Samantha just few days ago and I won’t deny it that the whole idea of pleasure robots is taking our generation by storm. While some speak of embracing it, others are boldly against it, but in all this confusion, people are using them! Statistics have it that among them that are okay with it, a greater percentage are men, while the opposition has been dominated by the women. It surprises me that the division is not even on a point of Christian or non-Christian.

Today I happened to meet a post on some blog on this topic. It caught my eye: “Anyway, as a woman, when I first heard and researched about the sex robots, I felt threatened. I felt degraded as a woman but again, as much as we bile out and curse, it’s a done deal. The sex robots are here to stay. How about then we learn to embrace them as early as now. After all, there are two sides of every coin. Here are some reasons we should welcome Samantha” This just represents the view in many of us – those of us who want to employ intellectualism and relativism on a topic for which our view should be so absolute.

The reasons quoted by those who are for the idea represent a thinking that is myopic, naïve and out of fear – for lack of a better word to use. “No more co-wives and side-chicks, an option for the nights you don’t feel like, and a way to fulfil our private sexual fantasies like lesbianism and gaysm without people knowing it.” ‘Oh, workers of iniquity…,’ Jesus would call it.

To be real, God designed sex himself and to it He attached a purpose and gave the manual of how it should be done. He wasn’t silly when He prescribed that sex be done between a man and a woman.  Science has it that during coitus, human hormones produced aid in social bonding and leading to a sense of attachment to each other. It is this specific thing that leads to a better sense of companionship between two married individuals.  Well, the same happens with these toys, leading one to attachment to inanimate things – I call them things coz they indeed are!  I read of a British couple who owns about 200 sex dolls but still complains of not having enough of it. Why? Because no satisfaction can come from a fake thing. We always need the very original product that was meant specifically for that function and not a clone of it!

Secondly, a great proportion of the users are actually coward people who find it hard to approach the opposite gender and seek to build relationships. They instead resort to cheap alternatives. God did not give as a spirit of timidity or fear whatsoever, but He gave us one of courage and of sound mind. Why then should we be cowardice? Style up fellow men! A man who uses sex toys is a coward!

Sex dolls are not worthy at all! They are an abomination to God just like any other act of immorality. Paul in Galatians 5: 19-21 says “Now the works of the flesh are manifest, which are these; Adultery, fornication, uncleanness, lasciviousness, Idolatry, witchcraft, hatred, variance, emulations, wrath, strife, seditions, heresies, Envyings, murders, drunkenness, revellings, and such like: of the which I tell you before, as I have also told you in time past, that they which do such things shall not inherit the kingdom of God.” – The use of sex dolls is ungodly, and no one should embrace it whatsoever, lest you sin against your creator.SAMAN



On this Sunday evening, I was just relaxing in my room after church thinking of how I would spend my week. The sermon on that day about sexual purity was just dope, and I couldn’t wait to start putting it to practice soonest possible.

I had erred on several occasions as pertains to the topic and therefore the session was just an eye-opening experience for me.

Sexual purity is not just about being able to withhold that urge to have sex till one is married. It involves mental and emotional purity as well.” This sentence kept ringing in my mind.  It made me think of the many ways I had failed to please God in the area of sexual purity. For sure I have never had sex with any woman whatsoever but my thoughts and emotions concerning this are among the few things I cannot dare scatter in public. They are just very immoral, for lack of a softer word to use.

Pornography, masturbation and premarital sex are among the things that are taking the current generation by storm. So many youths are falling into this, so many are being deceived, so many young girls are losing their futures, so many children are being born in questionable circumstances, so many children are being raised up by single parents yet some are being raised even by elderly grandparents. And as if this is not enough, so many youth and even elderly people are failing to please the Lord and are falling into this trap of immorality. We have given the evil one a loophole into our lives, we are allowing him to destroy our generations and separate us from our Savior. Families are breaking up and so many parents displeasing God because they haven’t understood what God wants-sexual purity. God himself created sex and scheduled it for a specific time in one’s life. Sex is meant for marriage!

One blogger once wrote on her blog,” I am addressing an issue of great importance. I believe that we have abandoned biblical standards of sexual behavior, to our great harm and detriment. Our Christian mind has been invaded by the moral degradation of the world around us that we have become indoctrinated with pop culture rather than indoctrinated with God’s truth.”

Just because every other person is doing sin that doesn’t justify you to engage in the same; just because everyone around you has tasted that which God designed for marriage even before its time, this doesn’t mean you too should try it out. It is not fun at all to sin. It displeases Him. Peer pressure should never drive you. Be different. Do not blend, stand out instead. God isn’t looking for a crowd, he just needs that one person who will love him and keep his commands. He wants you to keep yourself holy for his use.

The Bible in Romans 12:1-2 states it very clearly, “I appeal to you therefore brethren, by the mercies of God to present your bodies as a living sacrifice holy and acceptable to God. Do not copy the behavior and customs of this world but let God transform you into a new person by changing the way you think. Then you will learn to know God’s will for you which is good, pleasing and perfect.” (NLT)

Just the other day I met this young man who happened to share with me his sexual life history. He wasn’t actually seeking advice from me but was instead trying to make me see how man enough he was. Well, he confidently and shamelessly told me that he had had sex with nine ladies…and the list was still growing longer maybe. He actually could mention the names of each and even remember the dates as if this was something very prestigious that everyone should know. Since when has manhood been measured by how many ladies we sleep with? Is this not just a consequence of some of our back-wayward cultures and beliefs that we must disconnect from so as to please God? I know it clearly that real men don’t take ladies to bed, they instead take them to Christ.

Well, is sexual purity just for the chosen few? Is it for priests or pastors? Obviously, no. It is for us all since we are all God’s creation created to represent Him both in our thoughts, speech and actions.

Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy spirit within you which you have from God? You are not your own. You were bought for a price so glorify God in your body. (1 Corinthians 6:12-20). All other sins are committed outside the body but sexual sins are committed against the body itself which is the dwelling place of the Holy spirit of God. So, whenever we commit sexual sin we too drag the Holy spirit through that ordeal and this degrades Gods spirit within us.


Deterioration of moral standard in our societies has been speeded up by:

  1. Sexual revolutions have come to be accepted as normal whereby sex is not attached to any responsibilities whatsoever. These revolutions were too against biblical laws regarding sex. A Christian ought not to subscribe to these. Sex biblically binds too people permanently as husband and wife in the spiritual realm. That’s why the bible in 1 Corinthians 6:15 states that he who unites himself are one and the same thing. We should not be united with anyone before Gods appointed time.

I have been trying to imagine; if sex binds two people together permanently and here with me is one young man barely 19 years old who has already had sex with nine ladies or maybe a 17-year-old girl who has already engaged in the act with 5 men, how do these two look in the spiritual realm? Aren’t they shapeless? Or maybe they are just in a chain reaction. While they are physically single, they are already polygamous in the spiritual world!

  1. The media carries this message blatantly and subtly. Sexually arousing media are everywhere all the way from the news presenters on TV to the websites we visit. The movies we watch and the music we listen to all suggest sexual immorality. We have to avoid any sexually suggestive media by all means for it is out of the abundance of the heart that the mouth speaks. What we feed ourselves with is what expresses exteriorly. (Matthew 12:34). Isaiah 5:20 says, “woe to those who call evil good and good evil; who put darkness for light and light for darkness…”
  2. The death of shame. People in current world just don’t have any sense of shame at all. We have to be different. We are sons and daughters of the light and the light in us should shine to the whole world. To raise a child without shame is like to raise one with no immune system against evil.


What does the bible say concerning sex and sexual purity?

The seventh commandment states that thou shall not commit adultery. Any sex outside marriage is a sin. The Bible does not approve of this.

Sexual immorality in the bible refers to premarital sex(fornication), sex outside marriage(adultery) and all the other sexual misbehaviors as described in Leviticus 18 – sex with a relative, gaysm, lesbianism, homosexuality.

It also includes obscenity on movies and on TV and even foolish talks and silly jokes about sex. These should never be mentioned about the people of God-the chosen generation and royal priesthood of the Most High.

“Let there be no sexual immorality or impurity or greed among you. Such sins have no place among God’s people.”                                                                                  – Ephesians 5:3


Benefits of living sexually pure are:

As Christians and even every other person, we all believe in existence of a supreme being-God, be it the Hindus, Muslim or even all other religions. The supreme beings here will always have conditions which we must obey so as to be in line with them.

God loves us all and expects us to love Him back. But then we cannot love God when we do not obey His commands. Sexually purity stands as one of the areas we have to please God in.

Apart from pleasing God and fueling our relationship with Him, sexual purity will protect you from diseases, it will prevent you from being overcome by the guilt and shame that follows sexual sin. Gives you credibility both now and in future- we’ll all want to have daughters and sons who are morally upright and not that loose girl or gent. Keeping ourselves pure now will make our advice to them credible when that time comes.

Consequences of sexual immorality are:

  1. You can never imagine this: sexual immorality makes you lose the glory of God in you. Tamar after being raped by her brother lost her glory. She mourned and tore apart her precious clothes. She was no longer of worth.
  2. As if this is not enough, our fellowship with God is too obstructed. The freedom from guilt and our holiness before God usually present us with some confidence before Him. Whenever this purity is lost, guilt comes in and we find it hard to fellowship with God again. After Adam and Eve had sinned they were chased from God’s presence-the garden of Eden.
  3. It also brings us bad memories and regrets which may not go even after we have repented and have been forgiven by God. By this, premarital sex always has a bearing on problems that occur during marriage. Why destroy your future happy marriage that God has prepared for you by tasting a fruit that isn’t mature yet? Unripe mangoes are bitter, you too can testify this. Be patient.

What then for you who has fallen to this already?

Our God is a God who gives a second chance to all of us as long as we get back to him with a broken heart. He promises us in 1 John 1:9 that if we confess our sins before Him then He is faithful and will forgive us but if we say we have not sinned we make Him a liar and therefore the Holy Spirit is not in us. This means that if we feel the regret about what we might have done and seek His forgiveness then He hears and will forgive us. If we become arrogant then he has no business with us.

You can put God’s principles to effect in your life wherever you are just today wherever you are. You can start over again and live a sexually pure life if you want to:

  • If you are in that illicit relationship, don’t think twice, don’t seek advice, just break it today.
  • If your relationship is heading in that direction just end it today.
  • If you aren’t in a relationship and want to have one someday than set for yourself high standards of conducting yourself and write then down.
  • Keep off all those sexually arousing movies you have been watching and the music you have been listening to.
  • Stop that TV channel that doesn’t honour God.
  • Avoid all joking and coarse talks about sex.
  • Stop those sex-chats you have engaged in and in fact delete the messages plus the contacts altogether.
  • Keep off all bad company-in this case all people who do not subscribe to biblical principles and who do not have high standards as yours.
  • Make a covenant with God to start where you are and walk by His principles. Pray daily so that God gives you strength to do this. It is not impossible, it is in fact the doorway to freedom, joy and happy life.




©Kavulavu Brighton 2017